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I have a problem with a feature added 7 years ago. Couchcms is so effective that even though I have been using it for years, I still encounter new features and problems. This is very nice. My problem is this: I want to use both the globals tag and related pages on one page. However, although I can use the related pages in the panel within the globals tag
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   <cms:related_pages 'fairs_item' >
        <cms:show fairs_title />

When I use it this way, there is no output. Isn't there such a usage? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

p.s. Likewise, it cannot be used for the include_custom_fields property of the folder tag.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to use them together? Thank you.
I realized that I can print the associated page in the globals tag like this: <cms:get_global 'fair_item' />. This code gives the id of the associated page. We can use this by printing it as an id in the normal page tag.
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<cms:pages masterpage="fairs.php" id="<cms:get_global 'fair_item' />">
    <cms:show k_page_title/>

hopefully it benefits your business.
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