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Following the posting about cookies problem upon login viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13479 I include two new tweaks to this Theme that bypasses the test successfully - [AP login] skip-cookes-prompt - and/or disables the test altogether; both additions cover default login and custom login processes.

Also following my RU posting about localization viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13474&p=39195#p39195 Ryazania will have enabled by default the modded <cms:localize/> tag and theme snippets, such as title.html will have <cms:localize k_title_text /> instead of <cms:show k_title_text />. Due to possibility of making language switch in Admin-panel toggled via a button (I am still thinking where to put it) the Admin panel localization becomes completely dynamic, that includes masterpages themselves.

100% localization, including any text
lang-btn-localization.gif (628.95 KiB) Viewed 8651 times

P.S. Mod of <cms:localize> just learned to dump sorted missing values to a file which makes it a very comfortable tool to translate any website content, not just Admin-panel.
After thorough testing (thanks @orbital) I am including a new feature to the theme: cache-splitting code that serves different generated pages for mobile users, tablet users and desktop users. It means that HTML layout can be different and Couch will send appropriate. (MobileDetect sets a few variables which are basis for detection of visitor device.)

We have also tested a combination of cache and AVIF-converted images, where cache is further split into pc, pc-avif, mobile, mobile-avif versions. It's working well, but I am hesitating to add AVIF converter (and links replacer) to the theme, as this converter depends on 3rd party binary converter and is platform-specific so can not be enabled on any Couch install (unlike tags, addons or tweaks).

P.S. Update from later that day:

All alerts are now closeable.

Editable field type='message' has its tweakable theme snippet 'field_message.html'. Field's label, for instance can be customized via <cms:field> tag and field's content does not need extra <label> markup which is also good for localization.
A completely new theme snippet for "reverse_relation" field (field_reverse_relation.html). Now, as never before, the markup is completely customizable site-wide.
+ added more CSS fixes to styles.css
A minor update today: Tweak `[AP Sidebar] add-section` automatically hides empty (=non-existent) custom sections, which feels great. As soon as the last template of section is deleted, there is no need to edit code removing the sections.

Now that I look at the code I can see a way to automatically create sections, based on value in <cms:template parent=''> parameter. Could be interesting.. Edit: Done :)
Today I am enriching Ryazania with a new feature that gives relation field a way to remove pages from a list of available pages to relate to from selector raised by advanced_gui parameter. More about it viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13486
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