UPDATE: I solved it by taking out the html classes and used
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.tp-caption {white-space: normal !important;}
in the CSS and looks to have solved it

I have integrated couchcms into a customers site and it's working fine but got a quick enquiry/question to see if there is a better way of doing it for the customer when they edit text

Currently the code is below
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<p>We are Leeds based, computer device engineers. From malicious<br class="hidden-lg" />
software<br class="hidden-xs" />
removal to data backups, explore our range of trusted<br class="hidden-lg" />
quality IT solutions.</p>

I need the html
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<br class="hidden-lg" /> and <br class="hidden-xs" />
there so it looks right on the desktop and mobile view and so the text does not get cut off which was happening before I put the hidden classes in within the code

It's using revolution slider so was unsure if I just need to alter the following line in the revolution slider code

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If not, is there a better way to do it for the customer so they don't need to click into the source tab within the text editor when they come to edit the text?