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Good morning,
i am trying to insert google maps in a part of a web page.
In fact, I should have their own map inserted for each branch, obtaining it from google maps. the code looks like this
<iframe src = "!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d7331.033952130707!2d77.39949762618363!3d23.260657796123834!2.....></iframe >

I then created an editable area, but rightly the code is interpreted as text.

I have read this post.

But I did not understand if it is right for me and if the setting can take place on the same page where I have the other information to enter.
I apologize. The solution was in the documentation.

Thank you
ramses2th wrote: I apologize. The solution was in the documentation.

Thank you

Old documentation suggest to copy-paste the code directly into kfunctions.php file. I've put up the IFrame shortcode separately at Tweakus-Dilectus » IFrame to keep kfunctions.php file cleaner. Also, don't use kfunctions-file from "Miscellaneous" documentation page, use the default file from couch. Often people forget to use cms:do_shortcodes tag on the frontend as well.

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Hello trendoman,
sorry for the huge delay in replying. Thank you for the suggestion. I will certainly try to implement your solution.
Maybe I'll need your help again.
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