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5 posts Page 1 of 1 i'am again.. :)

when my homepage was : index.html i have an animated gif in that page..
so..i add an editable region to this page..and rename the homepage with : index.php..

and then i upload the animated gif image..but..when my homepage displayed.. the animated gif image doesn't want to's only the static image..

any suggestion?

The image resizer (timthumb) used by Couch has not been coded to preserve gif animations. What you are seeing is expected behavior. For the future, whenever you upload animated gifs, make sure they are already of the proper dimensions so that they will not be resized and thus lose their animation.
oh..ok..i got it..

next..i wil make sure to upload the proper dimensions of gif animated..

Thanks again Cheesyproof.. :)
Is there still no work around to this?
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cholasimmons wrote: Is there still no work around to this?

Only custom solutions. For instance, a validator can be coded that resizes gif on submit, before tithumb picks it up from posted couch field. Haven't heard of anyone bothered writing one.
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