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I don't know what I'm doing wrong here, but I can't get the templates in the admin sidebar panel to display in the order I specify in the templates.

In my template php files, I have code like this for each page:
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<cms:template title='Financing' order='300' > 

Isn't the order option there supposed to control the display order? I went to the site and revisited each page, cleared the browser cache, logged out of admin and logged back in, refreshed the admin page.

However they still are not in the correct order. :roll:
Never mind. Forgot the part about being logged in, then refreshing pages on the front end. All is well now. :)
I recommend to delete this post if possible, just to keep the forum clean and because it's already a bit difficult to find answers.
fjlw wrote: it's already a bit difficult to find answers.

If you post a question, I will probably help point to the answer :-)
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