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wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as I seem to be going around in circles.

I have a one page site which uses the load-more ajax method from

What I want to be able to do is load all pages upto a specific id when the page url # fragment is an id of an event.
so i think i need to be able to:-
- check if an id exists as page
- if it does, load all pages upto that id
- revert to the load-more behaviour

Not after a solution (though would happily accept one) just a nudge in the right direction as

EDIT: After looking around as much as i can, i think all i need to know is how to exit the pages tag when a condition is met? Not having much luck figuring it out...

EDIT2: maybe cms:abort is the way to go, willl have a play and see...
One way to list limited pages is to use stop_before parameter with date of the final post.
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@trendoman Saw that but can't quit figure out how to pass #fragment. would i somehow pass #fragment, check if page exists, if so get it publish_date, then do pages with stop_before set to publish_date + 1day?

really all i want to do is if there is a #fragment in url, and that # matches an id of a page (eg event407 in this example), then load all pages upto that id, then revert to the code below and the load-more scenario.

maybe an if/else to set global_events_limit to k_page_foldertotalpagecount or k_page_folderpagecount then abort after matching id, reseting global_event_limit to global variable.

either way I'm still stumped as to how to get #fragment. no problem with js side, just not sure how to pass it to couch.

could/should it be done with cms:func a la

Code: Select all
<section id="listEvents" class="b-contentItem--sub-1" >
    <cms:set global_events_limit = "<cms:get_custom_field 'events_visible' masterpage='c/templates/globals.php' />" scope='global' />
    <cms:pages masterpage="c/templates/event.php" paginate='1' limit=global_events_limit >
        <cms:if k_page_foldertitle >
            <cms:set folder_category=k_page_foldertitle />
        <cms:else />
            <cms:set folder_category='Uncategorised' />
        <section id="event<cms:show k_page_id />" class="l-grac__item" data-grac-modifier="events" data-grac-group="eventslist" data-grac-multi="true">
            <h2 class="l-grac__item-heading"><cms:show k_page_title /> &bull; <cms:date k_page_date format='jS M, y' /> &bull; <cms:show folder_category /></h2>
            <div data-id="Event<cms:show k_page_id />" class="l-eventsItem">
                <ul id='swiperEvent<cms:show k_page_id />' class='swiper swiper--events -carousel ' data-swiperId="event<cms:show k_page_id />">
                    <cms:reverse_related_pages 'slider_blog_img' masterpage='c/templates/slider.php' >
                        <li><img class="tns-img tns-lazy-img" src="" data-src="<cms:show gg_image />" alt="<cms:show k_folder_name />" title="<cms:show k_page_title />" /></li>
                <div class="l-eventsItem-body">
                    <cms:show blog_content />
        <cms:if k_paginated_bottom>
            <cms:if k_paginator_required >
                <!-- Pagination -->
                <a href="#"
                    class="b-btn -primary b-btn--load-more"
                    data-limt="<cms:show global_events_limit />"
                    data-curr="<cms:show k_current_page />"
                    data-totl="<cms:show k_total_pages />">
                    Load more&nbsp;&nbsp;[<cms:show k_current_page />/<cms:show k_total_pages />]
                <!-- /pagination -->
The task reminds me of Non-uniform pagination topic viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11426
Did you see it? Quoting @KK on that -
.. consider what happens if we wish to start the listing skipping 3 posts (perhaps sticky) *and* the first page shows 10 while the others show 50.
Not an implausible situation. We now have to use both 'offset' and 'adjust' in this case.
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@trendoman No but I'm going to have a look now... Ok had a look. Seems it answers the revert to load-more bit of my problem, but still searching for how to load the initial list upto my #fragment.
Thanks for the link, will keep hunting for the rest
You can send current anchor to background script via a new data-* attribute. data-hash = window.location.hash;
Then strip the hash symbol with anything - couch or php:
Code: Select all
<cms:set hash = "<cms:each var=anchor sep='#'><cms:if k_last_item><cms:show item /></cms:if></cms:each>" />
<cms:set hash = "<cms:php>echo ltrim('<cms:show anchor />', '#');</cms:php>" />
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@trendoman Thanks again, I very much appreciate your time. I'm still a little stumped though (brain not working well today maybe).

1 - User visits site via link such as
2 - (#)event999 could be the id of a page, or someother link in site
3 - i can't figure out how to get 2. into couch
4 - i can get it in js and set it to a data-attribute, but on what
5 - wherever the data-attribute is stored how do i then read it on couch

I guess if i do an ajax load-to-hash function and call that on page load, with a load-to-hash.html (similar so load-more.html) i can do the logic in there.

That seems to make sense in my head, but will <cms:abort> exit <cms:pages> tag?
If so I could check if hash exists as page, if it does exist do <cms:pages> & abort after matching page is displayed.

then see what happens with the load-more ajax (possibly using the offset/adjust solution if necessary)

Does that sound in anyway plausible?
@trendoman Thanks for pointers; went back over tutorials/docs & got myself straight on various k_vars, tags, prettyURLs and the like. Am much clearer now about how everything fits together. Have site up & running & working well. Finally feeling like i know (a little) what i'm doing.
Next couch site well under way & making a lot more sense :)
Thanks again, gwil
You are welcome :) Thanks.
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