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I'm having an excisting Couch CMS and I would like to add the following functionality:
- I'm having a blog which lists and talks about cocktailbars.
- I would like to add the possibility for a visitor to add a cocktailbar that is not yet listed.
- Through a form on the front-end he has to fill in some necessairy info: name, photo's, text,...
- When he submits the form, the info/page has to be created in the adminpanel but not yet visible on the front-end.
- Me as the siteowner has to confirm the new cocktailbar, when I do it is shown on the front-end.
- Extra: it should be nice to be notified when a new form has been filled in.

Is this something that can be achieved in Couch CMS?

Hi Sam,

I think you are looking for this -

Hope it helps.
Thanks, looks indeed like exactly what I need.
It seems that the couch I'm using now is version 1.3.
Can I use the databound functionality if I copy the necessary files from a 1.4 version?
Hi, it seems it managed to get it worked, works very intiutive!
I'm facing a problem though:
I have an editable field (radiobutton) with uppercase letters in its name.
When I try to add to name to a cms:input field, I get the message that this is not allowed:
ERROR: Tag "input" 'name' contains invalid characters. (Only lowercase[a-z], numerals[0-9] hyphen and underscore permitted

Any way to fix this?
(I can't change the name of the editable field because I would lose a lot of data.

Take a database backup first, then edit name of your efitable in couch_fields table in your database. Phpmyadmin or similar tool. If you had set prefix to tables in couch/config.php then look for {prefix}_couch_fields.
Database is configured to operate with id's of editables, so name appears only once and it is safe to edit it directly in db. Don't forget to change name in template after change in db and before visiting it as superadmin.
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